Engraved Plastic Signs

Custom plastic signs are a cost-effective way to identify rooms, people, safety rules, and more. Engraved plastic signs are a perfect complement to standard ADA-compliant signs when used where tactical (raised) letters and Braille are not required.

Plastic signs can display anything from a single word (i.e. CAUTION) to a long list of safety rules for a hotel swimming pool or other public space. Each sign is custom made to your color, size and shape specifications. Choose from different thicknesses and a variety of background and text colors, including metal looks, for an attractive complement to the style and colors of your other building signage. Typical sizes range from 2″x10″ to 4’x8′.

Engraved plastic signs are sometimes referred to as contour cut, routed or etched plastic signs. For a more custom look, the plastic can be engraved with logos or other graphics rather than just text. Fastened to the wall with high-tack tape or screws and pre-drilled holes, depending on your needs, engraved plastic signs can last for many years, indoors or out.

Our experienced team will help you decide on color contrast and text size based on best practices for readability. We design, manufacture and install engraved plastic signs for diverse uses including

  • Safety signs
  • Room signs
  • Directional signs
  • Wayfinding signs
  • Cubicle signs
  • Desk nameplates

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