Channel Letter Signs

Channel letter signs often appear on stand-alone retail stores and restaurants or those located in a strip mall. These electric signs were once lit with neon bulbs, also known as lamps, that used a lot of electricity. Today the signs use longer-lasting energy-efficient LED lamps instead. Channel letter signs are typically designed in one of three styles, to best fit local building codes as well as your company’s brand image and budget.

  • standard channel letters: durable polycarbonate and vinyl faces with long-lasting LED lamps in an aluminum frame.
  • halo lit letters are also known as reverse or backlit channel letters. Lighting comes from behind letters that stand away from the building’s surface. Halo lit letters provide an aura of prestige to your brand.
  • open-face channel letter signs Manufactured much like standard channel letter signs, these letters feature clear acrylic faces that expose the neon lighting inside the sign. Contrary to their name, they are not actually open and the faces protect the lamps from the elements.

Channel letter design options

Options for your company’s sign are often determined by landlord requirements and city building codes. Check your lease for a paragraph or more that spells out what signage is required or allowed. SignWorks will work with your landlord and local city building officials to obtain the necessary approvals and permits before your sign can be manufactured and installed.


Channel letter sign cost varies greatly depending on size, style, and design as well as the height of installation and building surface.

Production timeline

The timeline for designing, producing and installing your sign can be 8-12 weeks, depending on the season and your ability to provide us with your site lease, artwork or design ideas, design approval and down payment in a timely manner.

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