Sandblasted Signs

Sandblasted signs have a recessed, textured background with raised letters and graphics. Traditionally made out of Redwood or Cedar and stained or painted with one or more colors, sandblasted signs can also be made from the more weather resistant high-density urethane (HDU) or Extira (wood composite). HDU signs are typically painted to project the same hand-crafted look as genuine wood signs. Letters and graphics can also be routed (engraved) into both wood and HDU.

Sandblasted signs can be

  • contour-cut into any shape.
  • mounted on a wall, suspended from hooks or chains, or enclosed in a frame.

Sandblasted signs are often used at resorts, campgrounds, and parks, but are also seen welcoming visitors to churches, housing developments and more.

Sandblasted sign design options

Options for your sign are often determined by landlord requirements and city building codes. Check your lease for a paragraph or more that spells out what signage is required or allowed. SignWorks will work with your landlord and local city building officials to obtain the necessary approvals and permits before your sign can be manufactured and installed.


Sandblasted sign cost varies greatly depending on size, style, and design as well as the installation method.

Production timeline

The timeline for designing, producing and installing your sign can be 8-12 weeks, depending on the season and your ability to provide us with your site lease, artwork or design ideas, design approval and down payment in a timely manner.

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