In terms of return of the investment, vinyl vehicle graphics are one of the best forms of advertising available.  Sometimes referred to as a rolling billboard, highly visible vehicle decals go everywhere you do, raising your company’s visibility when parked in front of your own business, traveling across town and in front of every customer stop.

Sportvision was acquired in October by SportsMEDIA Technology.   They later contracted with SignWorks, Hayward, CA, to remove existing vinyl graphics from a horse trailer they no longer needed at their Fremont, CA location. SportsMEDIA Technology provides real-time on-screen graphics, tickers, clock-and-score and social media integration for live televised events.

When choosing a vehicle graphic installer, it’s important to know you are getting a high-grade cast vinyl that can be more easily removed when changes are needed or the vehicle is to be sold. Years of extreme heat or cold ages the vinyl until it’s brittle enough to come off in tiny pieces, with low grade vinyl and adhesive products being the most difficult to remove.

A collection of specialty tools helps minimize the time needed to remove old vinyl. Small plastic razor blades help lift a corner or edge of the vinyl, allowing the vehicle wrap professional to pull slowly and steadily, removing the graphic in one piece if the vinyl is newer or in pieces if it’s old and brittle. Applying heat with a heat gun helps apply the vinyl and can also help remove it. A special plastic wheel that attaches to an ordinary electric drill bit can also help speed the process along.

After all the vinyl is removed, remaining adhesive residue can be cleaned up using special solutions designed for this purpose. Some solutions are designed to be applied to the vinyl before attempting to remove it, leaving little adhesive residue behind.

Even using high-quality tools and best practices, removing vinyl vehicle graphics can be tedious. A two-man team spent three-and-a-half hours completing the Sports Media Technology horse trailer job.

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