When a customer enters your building you have an opportunity to make a statement about your company and to market your brand.  The reception area should be inviting and the signage should reflect the corporate name and brand.  We are seeing more and more customer’s using dimensional logos and lettering to do just that.  Some like past client, Unispace, mount the company name directly to the wall, while others mount the lettering and logo to a backer which is then mounted to the wall.

In the case of Pleasanton based Excel Realty and Mortgage, a clear acrylic backer was colorized with burgundy vinyl and the brushed aluminum letters and logo were mounted to it with corner mounted brushed aluminum studs.  Many of our client use this approach because it makes removing the lobby sign easier when repainting walls or reconfiguring the space.

Options include flat cut Acrylic in a variety of standard and/or custom colors.  Metallic dimensional signs can be ordered as flat cut or cast in aluminum, copper, brass, bronze or steel and in a myriad of finishes.  It is also possible to use a metal laminate which is mounted to sign foam or acrylic.  This was the case for Laughlin, Falbo, Levi, Moresi, LLP for their lobby signs in their Oakland and San Francisco offices.

Typical thicknesses for flat cut acrylic and metal letters and logos range from 1/8” to 1” and will vary based on preference and the size of the letter.  Cast letters can be flat faced, round faced or prismatic with depths up to 3” and in aluminum and bronze finishes only.  Formed plastic and injection molded letters are less prevalent for interior lobby/reception area signs.  The same is true fabricated metal signs typically manufactured in stainless steel.

We have done a variety of interior lobby signs for customers in all types of industries, and like many sign companies, we use Gemini as a supplier due to the lifetime warranty they offer on their products.  That being said, let SignWorks be your one stop shop for both exterior building and interior lobby signs.  Call us today at (510) 357-2000 and one of our friendly representatives will be happy to help you.  You can also check us out on the web at www.signworks.us.com where you can read about our projects and view pictures of some of our work.