It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out that when a business owner decides to do a full or partial wrap (or for that matter simple cut vinyl lettering) on the company vehicle, that the owner is marketing their business and using vehicle graphics to do it.  Mobile marketing is becoming more and more prevalent today as demonstrated by large businesses like Comcast, Fed Ex, UPS, and others to market to and bring product awareness to customers and prospects alike.

If you think back to only a few years ago, many of these large companies had a fairly frequent presence on television.  This is becoming less and less true as companies look for ways to effectively market their services in a more cost effective manner.  While larger advertising budgets lend themselves to full (nose to tail) vehicle wraps, some companies opt for partial wraps coupled with cut vinyl to do the job.  We have seen and installed some very effective vehicle graphics that were not of the full wrap variety.  In fact, our own shop truck has brought in a few jobs just by virtue of the added visibility the vehicle brings to the business.

One of our favorite vehicle graphics projects featured cut vinyl, was very affordable and yet due to the design and color selection, proved to be very effective and eye catching.  It just goes to show that a clever design that conveys what the business is about and provides highly legible contact details can be a cost effective alternative to pricey radio and television ads.

Ultimately, you as a business owner are responsible for your budget and for determining which marketing approach works best for you.  However, if you have service, fleet or delivery vehicles that are driven around in your local market don’t pass on this excellent opportunity to augment your traditional advertising with some mobile marketing of your own.  You’ll find that the cost per impression is extremely low when compared to other advertising mediums.

SignWorks can help you with your next vehicle graphics project whether it involves design, cut vinyl graphics or a nose to tail full vehicle wrap!  And don’t forget that some of the specialty graphics can add some pizzazz that would set your company apart!  Call us today at (510) 357-2000 to talk about your upcoming vehicle graphics project or check out some of the pictures of similar projects at our website at